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Remittance Card - year end appeal 2023.png
Remittance Card - year end appeal 2023.png

Meet Florence*

Remittance Card - year end appeal 2023.png

She travelled the country and came back to a Boulder that no longer felt like home.

Until she found Thistle Community Housing.

*Name changed for anonymity

The Neighborhood (9).png

After high school, Florence travelled the United States for eight years. She hitchhiked and hopped on and off the backs of trains, going from state to state, wherever she decided to let her travels take her.


But as the years went on, she knew it was time to go home and settle in. And for Florence, the place she always called home was Boulder. But although she had spent the first 18 years of her life in Boulder with her family, it was no longer the place she once knew. “Even though I grew up here, I felt like an outsider.”


Living in Boulder was no longer affordable. Until she found Thistle Community Housing.

“I really couldn’t even dream about living in Boulder if it wasn’t for Thistle.”

She now has a beautiful life with her dog named Rogue and a fast-growing pothos plant she calls "Legs" because she was able to find an affordable home. Because she found Thistle Community Housing. And she found that people like you care.

Make your donation this giving season.

Because of you, your neighbors will have a safe place to call home.

No one should have to choose between having a safe place to live and being able to afford food, healthcare, and other basic needs. Valued members of our community – our teachers, retail and restaurant employees, and people like Florence – should be able to live in the community where they work and contribute.

Your community needs your help. Your contribution will help produce, preserve, and protect affordable homes for vulnerable populations. It will enrich and strengthen the fabric of our community. And it will create a more equitable and just society today and for future generations.

Imagine the life-changing difference your contribution will make for a family in Boulder County this year. Will you join us?

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