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Your kindness each month can provide a home for Boulder families.

Join The Neighborhood of Thistle Community Housing monthly donors.

With a monthly gift, you can create huge impact on the lives of individuals and families all around Boulder.

The Neighborhood is a community of donors who are champions for equitable and affordable housing in Boulder County and around Colorado. Through automatic monthly gifts to Thistle Community Housing, you're caring support is able to make a BIG impact on our work with minimal impact on your wallet.

Monthly donations provide stable, ongoing support to our communities that allows us to send more of your dollars directly to our mission - to produce, preserve & protect affordable housing in Boulder County - and more time making an impact in lives of our residents.

Are you ready to join The Neighborhood?

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Why Join The Neighborhood?

  • Learn about the impact your dollars are making through special newsletter only sent to members of The Neighborhood.

  • Create stable support for Thistle that allows us to plan ahead.

  • Give in a way that is sustainable for your wallet but makes a huge impact on our work over time.

  • Make your donations automatic and hassle-free - you'll create community change each month without lifting a finger.

  • You'll receive digital tax documents automatically for each tax year.

Welcome to The Neighborhood

Because you care, families around Boulder now have a place to call home.

Make your monthly donation directly to the left or head to our Colorado Gives donation page.



Thank you!

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