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Thistle Helps its Renters Become Homeowners

Thistle Community Housing remains committed to economic mobility and wealth building. This summer we took another step towards this work with the creation of our homebuyer education resource center on our website. In addition to this platform and sharing of upcoming educational opportunities for renters of our affordable units, we can now encourage our interested renters to move closer to affordable homeownership and advance their goals of economic opportunity: Renters of Thistle Community Housing homes will now have preference in the selection process to be able to purchase an affordable home through our Thistle Community Land Trust (CLT) Program.

Thistle Community Housing CEO Paul

D’Angelo says, “At Thistle, we’re not just

dedicated to balancing housing costs with overall income with our affordable renters, but we’re also dedicated to helping provide Economic Opportunity. With that, we’ve decided to add a preference to our CLT program so that Thistle renters will have an increased opportunity in the selection process. As an example, if a home becomes available in Longmont, we will first be sending out an email to Longmont renters letting them know we have a Longmont home for sale so that they can apply to the CLT homeownership program. If the applicant is qualified for the purchase and meets the other preferences, their application will move to the front of the line.”

Interested renters will still need to meet all other qualifications/preferences of the program, such as having a job in the city in which the home is located, household size, the ability to secure a loan for the purchase, etc.

Thistle feels strongly that once you rent a home with us, you are part of the Thistle family of housing, which includes CLT homeownership.

We hope that this new opportunity for our renters will be transformational on their path of financial mobility and housing stability.


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