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NeighborWorks America Supports Thistle Community Housing Energy Audit

At Thistle Community Housing, we’re committed to building affordable homes for all members of our community and doing so with a keen commitment towards energy efficiency and green building and maintenance practices. We believe this is a critical component of our work, but it is also very costly.

While there is money available in the community to go towards energy efficiency improvements for nonprofit housing developers, most of them require some level of investment from the organization. And those improvements are not even the first step – we must first understand the current energy state of our properties and what is needed to help ensure they are operating sustainably.

We are thrilled to announce that NeighborWorks America has provided Thistle Community Housing with a grant to support a full energy audit of our properties. By having the resources to do this energy audit, we’ll be able to collect data to help inform the properties and building components that would create the most impact.

Thistle Construction Manager Rachel Dunham says, “Developing quality, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible, and healthy buildings is one of our core development principles. We believe everyone should have access to safe, healthy, affordable

homes with energy bills within their means, while also doing our part to protect our planet for current and future generations.“

We’re grateful for the support of NeighborWorks America and excited to start additional work to ensure that our buildings are high-performance, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious.


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