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Reporting Rent to Help Renters Get A Leg Up

We're thrilled to announce that we will now be offering residents the option to report their monthly rent payments to the three major credit bureaus through Esusu. All on-time rent payments will be reported and, becuase of Esusu's "do no harm" model, late or missing payments are not reported - they only the payments that will help improve the renter's credit score.

Thistle Community Housing CEO Paul D'Angelo says, "We're strongly committed to wealth building and economic mobility for our residents. By reporting our residents positive rent payment history, we'll be able to help them improve their credit scores and get prepared for their next home if they leave the Thistle family of renters."

In addition to rent reporting, Esusu will offer residents free credit monitoring, a toolkit with educational resources, and a marketplace full of discounted services and offers for renters.

Rent payments will start reporting in January of 2024.


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