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Thistle Community Housing Creates a New Financial Education Initiative

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Thistle Community Housing is committed to our residents wherever they are on their

path to affordable housing and this summer, Thistle has invited interns from CU

Boulder into our office to help us in pursuit of that mission. Throughout the summer,

they will be creating a comprehensive online hub with educational materials and

resources focused on homeownership education.

“Thistle is working to put together a resource hub for users that are on the road to

homeownership for the first time. This will include up to date information regarding the process as a whole while also dialing in on specific information that will be needed

throughout the process. This will streamline information and give first time homebuyers a “path” to use as a starting point and guide during the homebuying process,” said Thistle Development Intern Rebecca Dunlap.

At Thistle, we believe that all of Boulder’s residents should have access to affordable

housing and, as such, we work to eliminate barriers to equitable housing that may exist

in Boulder County’s current rental and home ownership ecosystem. We believe that one important step to doing so is by empowering our residents and members of the general community.

Dunlap says, “Buying a home can be an intimidating process, so this guide is meant to

give first time homebuyers an idea of what the process looks like so that it doesn’t seem

as daunting. Resources will include information regarding credit score, local

homeownership related classes, financial opportunities, and more.”

Check back on our website later in the summer to explore the new comprehensive

resource hub.

Any inquiries can be directed to Paul D’Angelo, CEO of Thistle Community Housing, at


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